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    Office: 01245 260954 Mobile: 07973 662445 Email: info@abouncycastles.co.uk

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    Inflatable Bouncy Boxing

    Bouncy Boxing Inflatables16×16 feet square box type castle, red on outside with pictures of two boxers on the front (where the entrance to the ring is).

    On the inside it’s red with a blue bed. The bouncy boxing comes with two helmets and four oversized boxing gloves. Its great fun for adults (but don’t take it to seriously all you sugar ray leonards out there).

    Suitable for ages 12years to adults.

    £90 Winter / Midweek – £95 all other times

    Email your interest or call us 01245 260954 / 07973 662445

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    The pirate slide is a brilliant castle for children under the age of 12 ...

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    The struggle is real haha 😂 ...

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